At suspicion on disorder of nervous system it is necessary to see a doctor surely.

Neurologists study diseases of a nervous system of an organism which is subdivided into the central nervous system (CNS) which is consisting of a head and spinal cord, and peripheral, including external nerves of extremities and a trunk and also nervous roots and cranial nerves. As a nervous system is responsible for signaling from a brain on all body, at neurologic inspection the doctor checks all parts of a body and their movement. This long, but painless inspection.

It is especially important that throughout all life there were no problems from acoustic organs. 10 practical advice can become a key to maintaining good hearing for many years.

1. Avoid loud sounds
You steer clear of loud sounds. Try to avoid very noisy places and you spend more time in parks and quiet places.

2. Control the loudness of your devices
Try that the loudness of the TV, the computer, stereosystems or radio was included at the average level.

3. Regularly you clean ears
You clean ears when you wash in the morning or you take a shower, just wash up them water. Do not go in cycles in removal of all earwax because the correct our work of acoustic organs requires the minimum quantity of sulfur.

Children catch a cold much more often than adults. From eight to twelve cases catarrhal diseases in a year can be quite normal for the child.

The reasons of catarrhal diseases at children

Catarrhal diseases can be caused by various types viruses and bacteria. They are transmitted from the infected people at cough, sneezing or a conversation through the smallest droplets of saliva (droplet infection). Can remain on skin and surfaces (such as tableware, door handles, etc.) during a long span. At hit of microbes on mucous the upper airways, they get into an organism and there is infection.

False short-sightedness represents an accommodation spasm (focusing of eyes) which does not allow to weaken easily an organ of sight at a look afar.

Diagnostics of a spasm of accommodation is carried out by medicamentous test-tsikloplegii (the test for need of correction of sight), after use of eye drops which expand a pupil and also relax a tsiliarny muscle of an eye estimate visual acuity. If short-sightedness is not confirmed - it is false short-sightedness. The accommodation spasm often happens at children and teenagers less often at adults. According to the statistics every sixth school student suffers from this frustration.

Collecting blood is a medical procedure at which take a blood sample from the patient. Depending on that how many blood is required and for what purpose it is necessary, different methods of an intake of the analysis are used.
Blood test is one of significant methods most diagnostically in medicine. The quantitative structure of separate firm components of blood is compared to reference values and normal ranges.

The varicosity takes a leading place among diseases in recent years. Often people do not perceive varicosity symptoms seriously, neglecting treatment and visit of the phlebologist.

In order to avoid surgical intervention, a varicosity it is necessary to reveal and begin in due time treatment at initial stages. In LIFE clinic phlebologists, by means of modern methods of early diagnostics and treatment, will help to avoid operational intervention.

Traumatology orthopedics — the section of medicine which is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory processes and functional disturbances of diseases of a musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation and prevention after injuries.

Age range of patients with disturbances of a musculoskeletal system is extremely wide – from newborns to people of old age. It puts before the modern doctor the traumatologist-orthopedist the requirement of a wide range of professional skills and knowledge, the higher medical education, postgraduate training in a number of medical specialties. You can address such specialist in our clinic!

The vaginismus is a state at which there is an involuntary reduction of muscles of a vagina, the disease arises unexpectedly for the woman. This quite widespread phenomenon, can arise at any age and be shown in various degree.

The spasm can happen in different cases of penetration into a vagina:

1. During attempts of commission of sexual intercourse.
2. At introduction of a tampon.
3. On gynecologic inspection.

Approximately at 2-5% of women the vaginismus arises in time or before sexual intercourse.

Timely routine inspections at the urologist's doctor, are an effective way of prevention of problems of an urinogenital system at early stages.

Most of men try to avoid a visit to the doctor, including it something shameful. For visit of the doctor of the urologist wait emergence of the following complaints:

1. Acute pain in inguinal area.
2. Itch, burning, the speeded-up urodynias.
3. Characteristic allocations from an urethra with an unpleasant smell

It is not necessary to allow emergence of these symptoms. The planned visit to the urologist, considerably will reduce chance of development of a number of urological diseases.

Today the idiopathic hypertensia is very widespread disease as meets at people of different age, including also young people.

Quite often one of the causes of arterial hypertension is osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone. Pathologies in cervical vertebrae are capable to worsen considerably the course of a hypertension and to promote appearance of crises – sudden deteriorations in health.

Heartbeat not always demonstrates existence of pathologies of heart. Heart rate depends on age, body weight, drug intake, on ambient temperature.

Heartbeat characterizes rhythmical reduction of a cardiac muscle (systole) and relaxation in an interval between blows (diastole). Being alternately reduced and relaxing, heart pumps blood on the blood circulatory system to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all internals and fabrics of our organism.

The causes of a disease, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of excess body weight at children. Excess weight at children: symptoms, reasons and degrees of obesity

Children's obesity

Obesity is a state at which the actual body weight of the child exceeds the age standard for 15% and more, and body mass index ≥30. The obesity reasons at children the Most frequent reason of excess weight at children doctors consider the excessive consumption of food exceeding energy demands. Wrong food allowance, consumption of food, high-calorific and improper on quality.