Pregnancy is time of continuous development and changes for mother and the child. Regular surveys serve in order that monitor development of the child and health of mother.

Inspections give the chance to work in due time in case of problems from the beginning of pregnancy till first days of life of the newborn. 

The best practice in the field of pregnancy monitoring

The modern prenatal help gives the chance to obtain information on health of the kid already on early durations of gestation. Researches generally include:

1. Ultrasonographies.
2. Test for HIV.
3. Syphilis.
4. Testing for hepatitis B.
5. Test for a gestational diabetes mellitus.
6. Definition of a Rhesus factor of the child.
7. Screening on congenital anomalies.

Routine inspections are initially appointed once a month and from 32nd week of pregnancy – every two weeks. During primary survey in detailed inspection (anamnesis) the general state of health and the possible earlier existing conditions of the pregnant woman are fixed. The doctor or the midwife also asks on the possible physical and mental tension of future mother. If she already has children, the anamnesis joins conclusions from earlier issued passports of mother.

At each survey arterial blood pressure and weight of the pregnant woman is noted. The analysis of urine is deciphered and position of a uterus is palpated. Position of the child and sounds of heart are also controlled. Blood is investigated through regular periods.

Within conducting pregnancy three ultrasonographies are planned: on the third, sixth and eighth months. If there are certain risks or there are complications, more frequent ultrasonographies are necessary.

Do you ask why conducting pregnancy so relevant and why it is necessary to have control over a fruit?

Survey on the 12th week assumes carrying out very important medical research. At this particular time screening of the first trimester is carried out. By means of which doctors calculate risk of chromosomal changes or malformations at a fruit.

To guarantee comfort and normal development of pregnancy, future mothers need to control development of the child and to watch over the health. Conducting pregnancy and inspection at early stages can prevent risks of development of anomalies of a fruit and give the chance to work in due time in case of problems.