Men's Health

Vigor, force of muscles and character, active sexual behavior and fortress of a body. Such is a portrait of the ideal man. Unfortunately, with age this iridescent picture begins to change not for the better. The depression, weakness, diseases, accompany men after forty, and further result in the most unfavourable results. Statistics – a thing relentless, According to it, in 10 cases of death, 8 – men's death. And it is not accidental.

Men transfer the increased arterial blood pressure in comparison with women heavier, men eat incorrectly more often – in their diet greasy, salty, fried food prevails; men abuse addictions more often, their work is more often connected with an overstrain and stresses. Men do not like to go to doctors and to complain of the health, starting illnesses, they do not have enough time for inspection and implementation of recommendations of the doctor.