The reason of many problems with health can be looked for in hormonal disturbances. What is hormones and as they work?

Hormones are the special chemical intermediaries regulating work of an organism. They are allocated with hemadens and move on a blood-groove, stimulating certain cells. The term "hormone" comes from the Greek word "excite". This name precisely reflects functions of hormones as catalysts for chemical processes in cellular level.

Secretin – substance which is produced in a small intestine when it is reached by food from a stomach was the first open hormone.

In the most different popular texts about health it is possible to meet a mysterious phrase "pleasure hormone". How these hormones work and how to receive them?
Secretin was found by the English physiologists William Bayliss and Ernest Starling in 1905. They found out that secretin is capable through travel blood on all organism and to reach a pancreas, stimulating its work. And in 1920 Canadians Frederik Banting and Charles Best allocated from a pancreas of animals one of the most known hormones – insulin.