It is necessary to use antibacterial drugs on doctor's orders – the medicines known also as antibiotics, are classified in various groups: by origin, to structure, activity against certain species of bacteria. For the different diseases caused by bacteria the drugs corresponding to the activator are used, there is a possibility of impact on several groups of pathogens at once. Such types of medicines belong to group of a wide range of activity.

Antibiotics are made in the most different dosage forms that does them convenient for use at any age if the structure of means it allows. There are capsules and tablets, syrups, dragee suspensions for intake, types of drugs are developed for topical administration – cream, gels, ointments, linimentums, suppositories, solutions, sprays and aerosols. Antibiotics can be entered into an organism and in the form of solutions – through injections, droppers. Use drugs in ampoules for stopping of acute forms of bacterial diseases if it is required to suppress quickly and effectively distribution of pathogenic microflora.