Quit Smoking

About a half of the people smoking in the past leaves off smoking in one stage once and for all. As much again gradually reduces number of the smoked cigarettes to full refusal of smoking. Of course, it is better to leave off smoking at once and completely, however elderly people with a long experience of smoking in order to avoid a withdrawal can get rid of this habit gradually.

According to those who left off smoking, the first two days after refusal of smoking are the most difficult. It is a peculiar boundary, having overcome which, you considerably will increase the chance to leave a cigarette.

First of all, it is necessary to prove accurately the reason which induced to leave off smoking you. Preservation and strengthening of the health, increase in working capacity, desire to avoid a chronic disease, a doctor's advice silt of the loved one, desire to save the children from dangerous influence of tobacco smoke and a harmful example - any of important for you personally the reasons has to be considered.

Solve whether you will leave off smoking at once or gradually. If you feel strong desire to smoke, then have to throw sharply. In a day or two before final refusal of smoking try to smoke twice more cigarettes, than usually – there will be a glut of an organism nicotine and other harmful components of tobacco, the cigarette will lose the taste. You will more distinctly feel on yourself an adverse effect of smoking and will be able easier to leave off smoking.