The urolithiasis is a state at which stones (concrements) in an urinary system, including kidneys, ureters, a bladder or an urethra are formed.

Reasons of development of a disease in children

Various factors contribute to the development of an urolithiasis in children:

1. genetic predisposition;
2. disbolism;
3. insufficient consumption of liquid;
4. eating habits;
5. infections of urinary tract;
6. excess weight.

Urolithiasis symptoms at children

The urolithiasis at children in certain cases can proceed asymptomatically. General symptoms:

1. severe pain in a stomach or a side;
2. urodynia;
3. blood in urine;
4. recurrent infections of urinary tract;
5. urination disturbance;
6. frequent urination.

Diagnostics of a disease

In many cases the case history of the patient already furnishes a clue. The actual diagnosis is made by the doctor on the basis of survey.

For example, stones in kidneys can be found by means of ultrasonography. Ultrasonic examination of urinogenital ways is a widespread diagnostic method of stones in kidneys which is often combined with X-ray inspection of kidneys, ureters and a bladder.

At suspicion of a disease of kidneys urine is investigated on blood, infections. Urine also gathers at least once within 24 hours. Collecting indicators of blood helps to estimate function of kidneys and to reveal the accompanying inflammation and possible metabolic diseases as the reason of formation of stones in kidneys.

Prevention of an urolithiasis at children

Here several recommendations about prevention of this disease at children:

1. To drink enough water
2. To observe a healthy diet. It is important to provide the various and balanced food for children taking into account the recommendations of the doctor. Restriction of consumption of the products rich with oxalates (for example, spinach, chocolate, walnuts) or purines (for example, meat products) can reduce risk of formation of stones. Increase in consumption of fruit and vegetables is useful as they contain a large amount of water and natural antioxidants.
3. To avoid excessive salt and sugar. I will merge restriction of consumption of the food rich also sugar, such as chips, salty snack, carbonated drinks. The excess of salt can promote a water delay in an organism, and the surplus of sugar can increase risk of formation of stones.
4. The regular physical activity and the movement are important for maintenance of the general health and functioning of an uric system.