Everyone once had a dorsodynia. Often it very unpleasant also prevents normal activity. Therefore it is important to know what to do if severe pains in spin developed.

How to facilitate the state independently

The dorsodynia can be caused by various reasons, including the wrong bearing, long sitting, a trauma, a lack of physical activity or obesity.

There are several steps which you can undertake to cope with a dorsodynia independently:

1. Intake of nonprescription anesthetics of drugs, for example, (An ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Analginum, etc.), they will help to cope with pain and to reduce inflammation.
2. Take a break from any physical activity which can aggravate a dorsodynia, and avoid any heavy lifting until you see a doctor.
3. The easy extension or yoga can help to weaken tension in muscles and to reduce a dorsodynia.
4. Use of heat or cold. Heat or cold will help to reduce pain. You can use a hot-water bottle or ice on an affected area, alternating them each 20 minutes.
5. The extension of muscles of a back will reduce tension and morbidity. Try to make an extension before going to bed or later since morning.
6. Change a pose. If you long sit or stand, try to change a pose or to find convenient.
7. Support a correct posture. The correct posture will reduce load of a back. Try to sit with a direct back and not to stoop.

When at dorsodynias it is necessary to see a doctor

First of all, if you feel an acute pain in spin, it is necessary to see urgently a doctor, especially if it is followed by other symptoms, such as:

1. numbness in legs;
2. feeling of heat;
3. weakness;
4. onychalgia.

The doctor will conduct examination and will appoint treatment which can include physical therapy, massage, drugs for reduction of pain and inflammation and also exercise for strengthening of muscles of a back.

One of potential diagnostic tools which health workers use for assessment of a dorsodynia is the X-ray analysis.

The X-ray analysis can provide important information on structure of a backbone, including existence of changes or other anomalies which can promote a dorsodynia.