Today the medicine offers a large number of procedures, one of which is restoration of a hymen. Operation is called hymenorrhaphy.

Many do it for the religious or moral reasons. Let's understand what features of carrying out this operation consist in.

Hymenorrhaphy is a surgery on restoration of a hymen. The procedure is low-invasive, does not cause any complications and is held under local anesthesia.

Preparation for hymenorrhaphy

Before operation careful inspection and consultation of the gynecologist who will estimate a condition of a vagina and will recommend the suitable procedure is necessary. The doctor will explain how there will take place operation and the subsequent recovery. 

Operation essence

It is possible to call operation simple. The remains of a hymen remain in a vagina. The task of the surgeon consists in compound of the damaged fabrics. After this procedure any woman will receive necessary result. There are no age restrictions for the procedure. Also it can be carried out after abortion or childbirth.

There are two types of hymenorrhaphy: short-term and long-term. Local anesthesia at which anesthetic is entered into a vagina and it is processed by anesthetic is used. Operation is performed on an outpatient basis.

Short-term hymenorrhaphy

This way of restoration of a pleva is applied for some time before sexual intercourse and should not exceed 10 days. The remains of a hymen are sewed, using the special self-resolving threads, giving a natural look to the damaged fabrics. Creating the site of fabric it what it looked before sexual contacts. 

Long-term hymenorrhaphy

This way of carrying out operation is counted on those who want result for the long period. The main difference from the previous technique is removal of a part mucous vaginas and education from it artificial folds which completely imitate a hymen. The effect can remain during 2-3 flyings.

Postoperative period

The extract is possible approximately in 2-4 hours after the procedure or for the recommendation of the doctor. After operation the doctor will recommend to limit exercise stresses, some time to observe sexual rest and to use a shower instead of a bathtub.