Any chronic disease which treatment was not carried out in due time involves complications and unpleasant consequences. Thrombophlebitis is a typical consequence of a varicosity which is followed by formation of blood clots and is directly connected with process of inflammation of a vascular wall. Appearance of thrombophlebitis is followed by emergence of pain.

Varicose defeat of vessels becomes the reason of formation of blood clots, and their emergence is resulted by disturbance of food of surrounding fabrics, owing to inflammation develops, the site of a vein reddens and pain is felt.

In addition, process of formation of blood clots can extend also to other sites of a venous system, including deep veins. Also there is a zonation of a separation of blood clot which on a circulatory system can get into a pulmonary artery, having corked it and to lead to a lethal outcome.

How to define thrombophlebitis?

Typical symptoms of this disease are:

1. morbidity on the vein course
2. local erubescences
3. small temperature increase
4. formation of consolidation on the site of formation of blood clots in veins

Thrombophlebitis reasons

As thrombophlebitis is a complication as a result of appearance of a varicosity, is most often localized in the lower extremities, however at its distribution also other body parts can be struck. Can be the reasons of its emergence:

1. infections, inflammation of veins can be caused a complication of such diseases as flu, scarlet fever, pneumonia and even tonsillitis
2. oncological diseases
3. damage of vessels after injuries or operations
4. hormonal imbalance which can become the reason of change of composition of blood
5. lack of physical activity

Treatment of thrombophlebitis

At a stage diagnostics of this disease at first it is necessary to address on reception the phlebologist or the vascular surgeon who can appoint ultrasonic duplex scanning of veins for receiving the developed clinical picture about a condition of blood vessels and veins. Further the phlebologist will establish extent of defeat and localization of a disease.

At an initial stage of a disease conservative medicamentous therapy – anti-inflammatory drugs, flebotonik (for acceleration of a blood-groove) or physical therapy is usually appointed.
Also use of compression knitwear which helps to improve a blood flow and does not allow blood clot to move can be appointed.
Important! Acquisition and carrying compression products has to be appointed by the doctor as degree of a compression differs, and the wrong choice can reduce efficiency of the carried-out treatment.

By means of conservative therapy inflammation, a pain syndrome and growth of the blood clot is removed, however at development of a disease or in the presence of other complications surgical treatment can be recommended. For prevention of development of a deep vein thrombosis it is necessary to remove the struck vessel.
Definition of tactics of effective treatment requires the address on reception to the phlebologist or the vascular surgeon.