Today on the Internet, it is possible to find a set of different information on advantage of the most various vitamins in fashionable magazines and editions, from vitamin A to zinc. Today we want to discredit the most popular myths about vitamins and their correct use.

Myth 1. Most of all vitamins contain in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Of course, fruit and vegetables are undoubtedly useful and they should be included in the diet. But often, buying them in supermarkets they not absolutely fresh as we think. Sellers resort to the most smart tricks that apples or tomatoes looked on shelves appetizingly including processing not by the most useful substances. Therefore choose products intelligently - buy vegetables and fruit on a season, pay attention to outward and especially a peel, it should not have too bright shade and have stains or to be too smooth.
Speaking, about thermally processed products and frozen it would be desirable to note that in them useful substances and microelements remain.
Freezing does not harm products at all, keeping their antioxidant properties, viatmina, polyphenols, anthocyans, lutein and beta carotene.

Myth 2. For obtaining necessary amount of vitamin D it is enough to spend time on the sun.

If everything was so simply, in the flying and in the spring at influence of aggressive UV rays protection is necessary for avoidance of a xanthopathy and prevention of development of a melanoma and other types of a carcinoma cutaneum, and in the fall and it is rather difficult to receive necessary quantities of sunbeams at the expense of length of light day and the number of sunny days in the winter.
Therefore replenishment of reserves of vitamin D requires the balanced food and vitamin complexes which the attending physician can appoint.

Myth 3. Vitamins can be used in any quantity.

Accepting vitamins it is worth knowing norm, the surplus can be toxic for our organism and will not bring benefit. For this reason do not appoint to yourself vitamins independently and do not adjust the course appointed by the doctor.

Myth 4. Pricks are more effective than tablets.

Today this myth already oproverzhen many scientists. The modern pharmacological companies achieved what acting substances, both vitamins, and drugs is released, there where and it is necessary to it. If vitamins, for example, collapse under the influence of a gastric juice them release in capsules which begin to release active agent in a small intestine. Therefore now it is optional to give injections if the case does not demand the emergency intervention.