If the woman is dissatisfied with the intimate zone, then it can negatively influence her everyday life.

Labioplasty; the procedure in intimate surgery which is engaged in correction of vulvar lips. An operative measure guarantees low surgical risk and long-term result which will help to return to the patient interest in life.

Indications to carrying out a labioplasty

The labioplasty is most often carried out for several reasons: because of inborn disturbance of sexual development, because of physical or mental discomfort in the field of generative organs and also if the woman does not accept a type of her vulvar lips.

Too big vulvar lips

The reasons of too big vulvar lips are diverse. The birth of the child or just natural process of aging can lead to the fact that fabric of vulvar lips will lose elasticity. Also genetic predisposition can lead to the increased vulvar lips at women at younger age. At correction vulvar lips can be reduced and changed.

Reduction of vulvar lips is one of the most often performed procedures in plastic surgery. Excess fabric of vulvar lips is removed by means of surgical intervention. Usually this procedure is carried out on internal vulvar lips, but sometimes and on external vulvar lips. For correction various methods of a labioplasty can be used.

Too small vulvar lips

Very small vulvar lips can also be to bring discomfort in the woman's life. If, for example, external vulvar lips close internal insufficiently, it can lead to strengthening of friction and subsequently to painful inflammation. At a labioplasty small vulvar lips increase by means of injections (autologous fat or a gialuron). It allows to improve an esthetics, to kill pain and at the same time to reduce risk of infection.