Traumatology orthopedics — the section of medicine which is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory processes and functional disturbances of diseases of a musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation and prevention after injuries.

Age range of patients with disturbances of a musculoskeletal system is extremely wide – from newborns to people of old age. It puts before the modern doctor the traumatologist-orthopedist the requirement of a wide range of professional skills and knowledge, the higher medical education, postgraduate training in a number of medical specialties. You can address such specialist in our clinic!

What diseases does the traumatologist-orthopedist treat?

Acute and chronic diseases of a musculoskeletal system and also trauma concern them. For example:

1. Osteoarthrosis: chronic and degenerative disease of joints.
2. Stretching: it is a trauma or "distortion" (the closed trauma) which is caused by a partial rupture of the copular device of a joint.
3. Ruptures of ligaments, sinews and muscles: complete or partial separations of integrity of a sheaf.
4. Dysplasia of a hip joint: congenital inferiority of a hip joint.
5. Osteoporosis: a metabolic disease at which durability and density of bones decreases.
6. Deformations of foot.
7. Scoliosis: side rachiocampsis.
8. Changes.
9. Common problems and diseases of a back: for example, protruded disk or lumbago.

For statement and specification of the diagnosis most often conduct the following examinations:

1. X-ray inspection.
2. Computer tomography.
3. Nuclear magnetic resonance (MRT).
4. Angiography.
5. Stsintigrafiya.
6. Miyelografiya.
7. Ultrasonography.
8. Arthroscopy.
9. Electromyography.
10. Laboratory tests.

The main methods of treatment in traumatology orthopedics

The traumatology orthopedics is surgical specialty. But treatment begins with a conservative method. Many diseases can be cured successfully by means of medicinal therapy, nonsurgical modern methods of treatment.

Conservative treatment:

1. PRP therapy – one of the most modern biological methods of treatment of an osteoarthritis, muscular injuries and irritation of sinews.
2. Medicines – anesthetics, antiinflammatory, hondroprotektor, antibacterial, anticoagulants.
3. Bandages – a plaster immobilization, orthopedic devices.
4. Physical therapy (UVT, VTES, magnetotherapy, laser therapy).

The main task of methods of conservative treatment is the immobilization, fixing and correction of the damaged body part to lower pain and to remove inflammatory process.

Surgical treatment:

1. Surgical treatment is directed to restoration of joints, bones, ligaments, sinews and cartilages. The doctor will appoint surgical treatment only if it is necessary. If conservative methods of treatment do not give effect or there is an urgent need.