Sometimes, to cope with a headache and to relax, it is enough to have a rest, take a bath, to walk in the fresh air or just to relax under favourite music. But it happens and so that the headache does not pass and becomes a problem.

Today we will tell about how to define the reason of pain and what at the same time to do?

1. headache from tension (the nature of pain non-constant, duration of 30 min. till several o'clock, the reasons can become - the wrong bearing, the missed meal, a stress at work and heavy exercise stresses) – to treat directly rest!
2. migraine: the nature of pain - pulsing is more often on the one hand than the head, duration - can be followed several hours by nausea and vomiting. it is stopped by intake of medicines, observance of a day regimen, work and rest. At repetition of attacks of pain it is better to see a doctor.
3. the headaches caused by intake of medicines, for example, the tableted contraceptives - here it is necessary to withhold drug intake, but previously consult with the specialist
4. hormonal changes (endocrinopathies, a menopause, etc.) – headaches in this case demand correction of hormonal therapy
5. osteochondrosis, neuralgia, neuropathy and other neurologic disturbances are characterized by pains of changeable character, on degree of manifestation they can differ, after correction of a basic reason there will pass also the headache
6. vascular diseases, such as stroke and arterial hypertension and also tumors and injuries are based on neurologic to symptomatology, and can be expressed not only as a headache, but also numbness of the person, paralysis, and at injuries by nausea and vomiting
7. pains at a SARS and cold - such pains are connected with the general intoxication of an organism and impact on an organism of viruses in general – treatment of a basic disease, intake of anti-inflammatory drugs will save also from a headache 
8. pains at antritis, a frontal sinusitis, sinusitis and other pathology the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies - such pain can be followed by fervescence, pains can amplify at a ducking - treatment is carried out by intake of antiinflammatory drugs and treatment of a basic disease
9. It is not all list of pains.

You remember that in treatment and diagnostics to symptomatology of headaches the nature of pains, their duration and frequency of manifestation is important. Therefore we do not recommend to self-medicate at constantly repeating attacks as frequent intake of anti-inflammatory drugs can lead to problems with digestive tract, changes in blood, increase in pressure and other unpleasant consequences.