The frenutolomiya essence (surgery of a bridle of a prepuce of a penis) consists in section of a bridle to prevent its rupture or developing of bleedings during sexual intercourse.

What is a penis bridle?

The bridle of a penis represents the site of skin where the prepuce (prepution) connects to a head of a bottom side of a penis. Too short bridle forces a head of the member to be bent unnaturally.

The most common symptoms of problems with a bridle include:

1. Existence of pain during sex or during an erection.
2. Premature ejaculation.
3. Bleeding and rupture of a bridle at vigorous activity.
4. Phymosis – difficult or it is impossible to delay a prepuce and to bare a balanus.

Frenulotomiya will help to fix above-mentioned problems and to relieve pain during sexual intercourse which is felt by some men. Before operation consultation of the specialist is necessary. 

How operation is performed?

The procedure includes removal or section of the limiting fabric for lengthening of a short bridle and increase in range of the movement in a penis, elimination of discomfort and the increase in sexual pleasure caused by a short bridle.

Operation is performed in an office of clinic about 20 minutes. At the discretion of the doctor local or general anesthesia will be provided to the patient.

The bridle will be cut off or expanded as required.

Earlier the frenulotomiya was carried out with use of a scalpel, but with the advent of laser technologies doctors use the laser for lengthening or cutting of a bridle. It helps to minimize blood loss, to accelerate process of restoration and to reduce pain. After plasticity of a bridle the operated area is sewed and ties.

Alternative of a frenulotomiya is trimming – the procedure at which the prepuce completely is removed. Advantages of the procedure of trimming, include decrease in sensitivity of a balanus (helping with extension of time of sexual intercourse, an ejaculation delay), prevention of acquisition of infections, sexually transmitted, etc.