The intimate plasticity is rather young and gaining popularity field of esthetic gynecology which is engaged in restoration or improvement of function and outward of female generative organs.

The esthetic surgery is generally directed to treatment of physical or mental dysfunctions which worsen full-fledged sexual life in addition to daily complaints. Existence of the increased, deformed or asymmetric vulvar lips can be more, than just cosmetic problem. From pain at sex to recurrent infections. And the hypertrophy of vulvar lips can become very problematic state.

Reasons of intimate plasticity for women

Any woman suffering from the physical or emotional frustration connected with the size, a form, outward or function of vulvar lips can correct all shortcomings by means of intimate plasticity.

The reasons can be the following:

Asymmetric vulvar lips.
Change of bodies after the delivery.
Discomfort during sitting or wearing close clothes.
Feeling of uncertainty when wearing the fitting clothes or leggings.
Pain at sexual intercourse.
Recurrent infections.
Irritation of skin, rash.

The reasons of intimate operation after pregnancy

After the child's birth, especially after natural childbirth, vulvar lips often undergo physical changes and are in certain cases broken off. These changes can cause both physical, and emotional discomfort that leads to concern and even to painful feelings in intimate relations.

Strongly increased or extended small vulvar lips are the esthetic disturbing factor for many women as they are not closed by any more big vulvar lips and are considerably allocated and often lead to pain. Because of continuous friction the friend about the friend the sensitive area hurts.

The hypertrophy of small vulvar lips can cause pain in some sports, such as driving the bicycle or riding. Some women find the increased or extended vulvar lips so ugly that they do not want to enter sexual intercourse with the partner that, in turn, can spread out the relations between spouses.