6 simple steps for health of your joints

Arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, osteoarthritis — names of diseases at which development the joint cartilage collapses. Often these diseases progress with age.

Unfortunately, these diseases chronic and are not present today a universal way as to cure them completely. However, as in a case and with many other progressing and recurrent illnesses destruction of an articulate cartilage it is possible to slow down and carry out the correct prevention to prevent.

You watch closely weight indicators

The more your weight increases, the load of your joints is higher, and here very first legs suffer. Even having dumped couple of kilograms of excess weight you considerably will reduce risk of development of osteoporosis. And in the presence of problems with joints you will be able to facilitate symptoms.

The movement is life.

In it a statement not just an element of truth, it is entirely true. Exercise stresses the best way to keep health of your muscles and joints. You want that your musculoskeletal system "supported" you for many years – be engaged in a spot of 5 times a week 30 minutes if you like to work in a kitchen garden and at the dacha – to put/water/look after plants or animals, these are some kind of exercise stresses too. If there is not enough time to go to the gym – adopt several easy ways to support a tone of muscles and joints. For example, you go home from work on foot, refuse the car in favor of foot walk at a visit of shop, walk every day in the fresh air on half an hour if it is difficult to you to walk independently – get a dog, with it you awake every day to enjoy walks and keep the health.
Excellent prevention of diseases of a musculoskeletal system is the gymnastics and yoga, the main thing to find the instructor who observes safety measures.
Important! Loadings have to be also normalized, the excessive tension and the wrong equipment at sports, on the contrary, accelerates destruction of joints therefore observe safety measures.

Add fish and green vegetables to a diet.

Why these products? In order that our bones and joints were strong calcium and vitamin D is necessary.
Green vegetables (spinach, salads) contain a large amount of vitamin D. Also fat fish (a mackerel, a salmon, sardines) is rich with this vitamin, besides fish contains an omega-3 fatty acids which promote decrease in inflammatory process in an organism.

Reduce consumption of bakery products and sugar.

Sugar and the refined carbohydrates have an adverse effect on a condition of joints and strengthen inflammatory processes. So it is better to reduce consumption of chocolate, cakes, chips, white loaf, polished white rice, sweet drinks, in particular sparkling water as soon as possible.
Besides, such products are also catalysts of emergence of extra kilos.

Avoid injuries.

If the joint was injured, then the risk of development of an osteoarthritis increases. Yes, injuries are accidental and to affect them very difficult. But do not forget about observance of safety measures. Use special protection during sports activities, you do not transfer weight alone, be fastened at a wheel and in the car.