Let's understand one after another. What it is possible to consider a back? The surface of a back can be limited to two conditional lines: the top line passes through an acantha of the seventh cervical vertebra, lower – on ileal crests of haunch bones, from a sacrum to a tailbone on each side. The back includes two, so-called, anatomic areas – chest department and lumbar.

Pain arising in these departments is also a dorsodynia. The nature of pain can be chronic and acute. The traumatized, inflammatory processes, hernia of intervertebral disks can become the reasons of acute pains. At a trauma the reason of pain is, as a rule, accurate is clear, in other cases diagnostics and inspection at the specialist can be required.

One of the frequent reasons of chronic pains of a back is the muscular and tonic syndrome. This syndrome is characteristic of people which office employees, drivers and others lead an inactive life, for example. The syndrome is shown in the form of emergence of a muscular spasm because of static load of a certain department of a backbone. As a result the spasm leads to formation of sites of consolidation of muscles which can be revealed at a palpation. Such zones prevent muscles to relax and lead to developing of pain and hypostasis, is long existing hypostases pain cause reflex protective a muscle tension, strengthening a spasm. Medicamentous therapy and also physiotherapeutic procedures and massage is applied to treatment of such pathology.
We pay your attention that drug treatment and procedures can be appointed only by the specialist, we not strongly recommend to self-medicate also traditional medicine.

Pain which results from jamming of hernia arises in an acute form after exercise stresses. Pain irradirut in other parts of a body, in particular extremities and considerably affects quality of life. For the doctor to such situation it is important to determine defeat level. At primary clinical examination the doctor will determine defeat level, will collect the anamnesis and will appoint additional inspection.

Also "exchange processes" can be the cause of a pain syndrome of a back, in this case to the first symptoms there can be not pain, and disturbance of sensitivity. Disturbances can be shown in a look numbness and the weakness, in rare instances arises a burning sensation and the sensitivity, on the contrary, increases.

Speaking about back pains, the situation when pathology of internals is felt as pain in back departments is possible. Diseases of kidneys, a pancreas and a gall bladder become the frequent reasons here, the pain source not always is where pain is felt.
The timely address to the doctor and competent survey / collecting of the anamnesis – the first step on the way of statement of the correct diagnosis and purpose of competent treatment.