Diseases of a backbone and musculoskeletal system, diabetes and pregnancy – conditions of our organism which complicate our activity. About when really it is impossible to train and when the physical culture helps to recover.

Musculoskeletal system

Any excessive loadings are prohibited in case of recently traumatized, bruises, fractures and during exacerbation of chronic diseases of a backbone and a musculoskeletal system, such as radiculitis, hernia of intervertebral disks and others. And performance of exercises of physiotherapy exercises has to be undergone only to destination the attending physician and under observation of the specialist.
Moderate loadings which are combined with procedures of physical therapy, for example, shock and wave therapy are necessary at a rehabilitation stage. They help to stabilize a condition of the patient and also stimulate restoration of all functions and mobility of the injured parts of a body. There is a number of diseases of a backbone, bones or joints when restriction for sports can be lifelong.
But nevertheless the physical culture and any physical activity have to be in life of everyone – both the child, and the adult. Play sports correctly to keep and increase greatly to an owl health.


The mankind exists for a long time and at each stage the physical activity was an integral part of our life, but the modern image brought a set of changes including emergence, so-called, "civilization diseases", including diabetes. Today the number of patients with a diabetes mellitus is very high, especially in the developed countries, and there is a direct interrelation – between reduction of a physical activity and development of diabetes. The Japanese scientists came to a conclusion that among the people having the car, the incidence of a diabetes mellitus of the second type is higher, than at those who go on foot. And the research of their American colleagues is said that people with diabetes who play at the same time sports less are subject to development of diseases and the accompanying complications, such as retinopathy, nephropathy or neuropathy. Even in the presence of complications regular trainings reduce the level of their development.

Why does that happen?

The exercise stress at sports activities on an organism strengthens splitting of fats, helps to reduce weight to a body and improves fatty composition of blood, at the same time also the sensitivity insulin a receptor to insulin increases that in turn, leads to decrease in sugar in blood.

Even if the physical activity is strongly limited there is a number of recommendations which will suit the majority:

1. be engaged in easy loading – walking, swimming or driving the bicycle
2. regularity – not less than 3 trainings a week
3. control of glucose and own health

You remember, diabetes is serious risk factor of development of cardiovascular diseases, and the insufficient physical activity increases risk of development of complications even more. Regular trainings by sport will help to improve the level of glucose and to reduce risk of heart diseases at the same time.


Earlier many pregnant women refused physical exercises, believing that sports activities can complicate the course of pregnancy. But at competent selection of exercises load of a stomach can be completely excluded and directed to strengthening of muscles of a pelvic bottom and a backbone.

Also during sports activities the special medical bandage which will help strengthening of muscles of a stomach can be used, will allow to remain to the kid in a comfortable position, and for unloading of a musculoskeletal system it is possible to use special orthopedic insoles.
You should not stop fitness classes and sport and after the delivery. The physical activity will help to restore a figure, to get rid of extra kilos, but also to support the general condition of an organism
But you remember physical activity, both during pregnancy, and in a puerperal period has to be corresponding to a state to health and to be coordinated with the attending physician.