Children catch a cold much more often than adults. From eight to twelve cases catarrhal diseases in a year can be quite normal for the child.

The reasons of catarrhal diseases at children

Catarrhal diseases can be caused by various types viruses and bacteria. They are transmitted from the infected people at cough, sneezing or a conversation through the smallest droplets of saliva (droplet infection). Can remain on skin and surfaces (such as tableware, door handles, etc.) during a long span. At hit of microbes on mucous the upper airways, they get into an organism and there is infection.

Children often infect each other, playing with the same toys using the same ware, use objects.

If the child got sick, it is necessary to protect him from visit of public institutions. It will save the child from complications and spread of a disease to other people.

Risk factors

Some factors can increase risk of catarrhal diseases and leading to decrease in immunity at children. Treat them:

1. Stress.
2. Disturbance of a day regimen.
3. Deficiency in food of vitamins and microelements.
4. Other associated diseases.

Catarrhal diseases usually arise more often in cold seasons (spring, fall, winter). Overcooling can increase risk of a disease even more. Children with a congenital immunodeficiency disorder are especially subject to risk.

Treatment of catarrhal diseases at the child

Guarantee of the correct treatment and fast recovery is the early request for medical care to the pediatrician! Symptoms of catarrhal diseases with such as cold, irritation in a throat can be facilitated by increase in humidity in the children's room by means of a humidifier.

Little patients are recommended to keep a bed rest within several days, to drink a lot of liquid (30 ml on weight kg). It is necessary to accept the medicines appointed by the doctor regularly.

Catarrhal diseases at babies and children usually at timely delivery of health care pass approximately in one-two weeks. Complications, can arise at the late address to the doctor, the wrong use of drug treatment, such as inflammation of a middle ear, pneumonia arise only in rare instances.

Visit of the doctor if cold at the child of the first year of life, fervescence to high figures (higher than 38.5), severe pain in a throat (often followed by refusal of food), a hoarse voice, pristupoobrazny cough or ear pain is urgently necessary. The early address to the pediatrician, will prevent development of possible complications.

Prevention of catarrhal diseases at children

To save the child from catarrhal diseases, it is necessary to avoid contacts with sick people. If someone in family is ill, it is necessary to take care of as much as possible to exclude a possibility of infection of the child.

Big congestions of people represent potential danger, especially in the winter as in crowd for certain there will be at least one person, being the infection carrier. Try to avoid such congestions of people if it is possible.

Pay attention to hygiene, regularly wash hands of your child.

It is necessary to take care in the winter of that the child was always rather warmly dressed. Cold cannot cause cold, it reduces the resilience of mucous membranes to causative organisms.

At children it is necessary to strengthen the immune system as soon as possible. The child has to eat vitamin-rich and nutrients food, regularly to walk in the fresh air, to become tempered, to move much and to sleep enough. It will strengthen the immune system.