The causes of a disease, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of excess body weight at children. Excess weight at children: symptoms, reasons and degrees of obesity

Children's obesity

Obesity is a state at which the actual body weight of the child exceeds the age standard for 15% and more, and body mass index ≥30. The obesity reasons at children the Most frequent reason of excess weight at children doctors consider the excessive consumption of food exceeding energy demands. Wrong food allowance, consumption of food, high-calorific and improper on quality.

1. Lack of an exercise stress
2. Disturbance of a day regimen, lack of a dream
3. Infectious diseases
4. Disbolism
5. Long reception of hormonal means by teenage girls
6. Frequent stresses

Classification of obesity

Proceeding from the causes of a disease, types of obesity subdivide:

1. Primary obesity (Alimentary and constitutional). The constitutional obesity (connected with heredity) and alimentary (excessive consumption of food)
2. Secondary obesity. Arises in the presence of congenital and other endocrine diseases
3. Hypothalamic obesity – develops at tumors in a hypothalamus. The hypothalamic syndrome, acts as the most widespread type of obesity at teenagers and endocrine and exchange pathology
4. Mixed

Obesity degrees

Degree of obesity depends on excess of norm of body weight of the child of BMI as a percentage.
1 degree – excess of norm for 10-29%
2 degree – excess of norm for 30-49%
3 degree – excess of norm for 50-99%
4 degree – excess of norm more than for 100%
In most cases, the third and fourth degrees are found only at secondary obesity.

Obesity symptoms at children

As the main symptom of excessive completeness at children a large number of lipoblasts in hypodermic cellulose acts. Primary obesity is hypodispersion of excessive fat on all body. The disease is followed by loss of physical activity, developing of short wind at any exercise stress. At girls early forming of a menstrual cycle begins. Secondary obesity at each child is shown individually as depends on endocrine diseases.


Now, for detection of a disease doctors use the body mass index which can also be calculated independently at home. BMI is calculated by means of division of body weight in kilograms on growth indicator in meters and squaring. The obtained data are analyzed with special tables then the excessive weight or obesity is defined. For identification of the reason of obesity, children have to undergo additional inspections and visit the children's endocrinologist.

Prevention of excess weight

The main way of prevention and treatment of a disease at the child is the correct image of his life.

1. Normalization of a food allowance.
2. Observance of a diet, day regimen.
3. Daily exercise stresses.
4. Exception of addictions at teenagers.