Doctors speak about male infertility when the man cannot conceive the child within a year, despite the regular, unprotected sexual intercourse.
In most cases symptoms of infertility at men are not specific. Disturbances of development of spermatozoa or deterioration of sperm belong to common causes.

Symptoms of male infertility

Symptoms of male infertility can differ depending on its reasons. However in most cases men with infertility can observe the following symptoms:

1. Pain or swelling in a scrotum.
2. Problems with an erection. Men can experience difficulties with achievement and maintenance of an erection that complicates sexual activity and a possibility of conception of the child.
3. Problems with an ejaculation. Some men can face sexual dysfunction, for example, a retrograde ejaculation at which sperm does not come out a penis, and moves back to a bladder. Or an aneyakulyation when there is no sperm ejaculation.
4. At men with infertility reduction of volume of sperm at an ejaculation is possible. It can be connected with disturbances of a spermatogenesis or other factors.
5. Spermatozoa can have the abnormal form, the wrong movement or insufficient mobility that complicates their ability to fertilization of an ovum.

Men can not test obvious symptoms, and the diagnosis is established only after the special medical researches and analyses. 

Reasons of male infertility

The reasons of infertility are diverse. Behind infertility men can have following reasons:

1. Genetic reasons.
2. Age of the man.
3. Small egg trauma.
4. Low quantity of spermatozoa and bad quality of sperm. At infertility at men few healthy, well mobile spermatozoa are usually made.
5. The unhealthy way of life (obesity, nicotine, drugs, alcohol, stresses) and harmful effects of the environment (contaminants, pesticides) also cause damage to fertility of men.