The abdominal pain during pregnancy is unpleasant, but is in most cases absolutely harmless. But there are also symptoms at which it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

The most common causes of harmless abdominal pains at pregnancy

Pregnancy – great time for a female body: various physical processes which are best preparing an organism for pregnancy and childbirth are set in motion. These changes can lead to various complaints. For example, many women suffer from nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy. In process of development of pregnancy there can be constipations, a meteorism or heartburn. Why pregnancy has such impact on digestive tract?

Physical changes

Burning, pulsation or spasms. Future mothers often suffer from different types of abdominal pains during pregnancy. And in most cases a consequence of huge changes in the woman's organism is the reason of it.

The slowed-down activity of digestive tract

Hormonal change (increase in progesterone at the beginning of pregnancy) leads to the fact that activity of digestive tract slows down. As a result food is transported more slowly on a digestive tract because of what future mothers struggle with constipations and abdominal distention. Ill side effect: abdominal pain.

Pregnancy development

In process of progressing of pregnancy not only the child, but also the uterus considerably increases in sizes. Both take more and more places for internals. How the child lies or in what situation there is a woman, pressure upon a stomach or intestines can be strong or weak. The constipation, a meteorism and an abdominal pain, up to spasms are common symptoms during pregnancy. Movements or blows of the child to the area of a stomach sometimes cause an abdominal pain.

Pregnant women have abdominal pains not a rarity. Sometimes they arise after a meal or after change of situation, but sometimes without the obvious reason.

Dangerous abdominal pains at pregnancy

If the abdominal pain arises very suddenly and strongly and is followed by such symptoms:

1. Fever.
2. Vomiting.
3. Nausea.
4. Bleeding.
5. The increased arterial blood pressure.

What helps at abdominal pains during pregnancy

There are various things which will help to cope with an abdominal pain during pregnancy. There are several councils:

1. Rest and relaxation help to counteract an abdominal pain.
2. Warm a pillow from cherry stones or a bottle with hot water and place it on affected areas.
3. Gentle massages of a stomach with oil weaken and at the same time nourish dense skin and prevent extensions.
4. You go for a walk, do physical exercises and practice yoga.
5. Drink more water.