Causes and ways of treatment

Remember that than earlier you pay attention to problems with foot when emergence of cones was only outlined, early diagnostics allows to get rid of "stones" quicker and more without serious consequences.

In case, education causes pain, does not allow to move fully, and insoles and gymnastics help to lower only pain, without changing a clinical picture in general – ask for the help the traumatologist-orthopedist immediately.

There are several fundamental factors which are provoked by formation of "stone" on our feet:

1. Genetic predisposition
2. The hormonal imbalance, this factor can become the catalyst of development of this defect at teenage age when forming a hormonal system, during pregnancy when there is a hormonal reorganization and also to approach of a menopause
3. Flat roads as our ancestors went barefoot on stones, the forest, the earth, it was an excellent training for our feet. But today we move every day on plain surfaces, we are engaged in the hall on equal racetracks both our feet and legs lost a natural training which helped to avoid such problems with feet, and loading increased
4. Inconvenient footwear. Choosing tight shoes, high heels, heavy platforms we subject our legs to trial, increasing load of them and of all musculoskeletal system. In particular such footwear is dangerous to those who has an excess weight
5. Hard physical activity, the wrong operating mode and rest, standing work – all this also promotes disturbance of the arches of foot and a deviation of plusnevy bones and fingers

How to return itself light step and to take care of prevention of emergence of "stones"?

1. Choose footwear from natural materials (leather, suede), with a convenient block, suitable on a season and a heel it is not higher than 2-6 centimeters.
2. Give preference to individual insoles. They will approach as already for the footwear which is available for you, and for new couples. Important! It is better to get insoles after consultation with the traumatologist-orthopedist, there are no identical feet, length, width, rise and the structure of each foot differs – therefore also insoles have to be individual.
3. Do gymnastics for legs and massage of feet. Simple exercises, even during the day will help to keep a tone of your legs, to return them mobility and will save from fast emergence of fatigue and weight.

Protect health of your legs and trust it to professionals!