Varicosity Yo this disease results from change of a vascular wall of veins, followed by valve insufficiency at which the blood stream in veins is broken.

Myth 1. Tablets and capsules treat varicosity

Medicines smooth and remove only disease symptoms, but do not save from the real disease. The varicosity if not to treat is aggravated over time. It is important to note that existence of expanded veins considerably increases risk of partial or full thrombosis of vessels.

Myth 2. Compression linen will save from varicosity

Wearing compression knitwear, will not save from a varicosity, facilitates disease symptoms a little. And after operation on removal of the affected veins, wearing compression knitwear is obligatory. Compression linen will help to take off heavy feeling and fatigue in legs and even to slow down development of the available disease, but the main is not making therapies.

Myth 3. Cream and gels are capable to cure varicosity

Use of creams and gels is not capable to save from varicose expanded veins. Because of contained in gel and creams of menthol, there is only a cooling effect on sore legs.

Myth 4. It is possible to cure varicosity completely and for the rest of life

Varicosity is a chronic and progressing disease, changes of venous vessels of the person. Even carrying out prevention of a disease, it is not always possible to prevent its development. Because of the shortage of protein in walls of veins with age, there is their deformation. Having eliminated the affected veins it is possible to get rid of probable thrombotic complications.

Myth 5. Varicosity only at elderly people

Protect legs from the youth! In fact varicosity occurs in young people even more often. Except heredity, the following factors influence: the inactive way of life, carrying heels and inconvenient footwear, obesity, is a lot of sedentary or standing work, frequent stresses all this contributes to the development of symptoms of varicosity in the younger generation.