Women notice hair on a hairbrush, in plum of a shower or on a pillow.

If you observe problems with a hair loss, it is recommended to address the specialist for assessment of your situation and development of suitable treatment planning.

What is the hair loss?

The braid or thickness of hair seem thinner, than usually. At a late stage head hair considerably thin, generally in the field of the top, a forehead or so-called "high temple".

Loss from 70 to 100 hair in day — it is normal, and there is nothing to worry. The raised hair loss can testify to an alopecia. An alopecia — pathological baldness which can lead to full or partial loss of hair on all body or on certain sites.

Many women at some point of the life face a hair loss, and the reasons of it can be the most different. Sometimes it results from hormonal change after pregnancy or during a menopause (climax). Some drugs or just too hard tail can provoke a hair loss — it can be corrected easily.

However often the androgenetichesky alopecia, that is the hereditary reason of a hair loss is the reason. However other diseases sometimes are behind a hair loss at women.

What to do at a hair loss?

Treatment of a hair loss at women depends on the reason. Sometimes drug intake is the reason of a diffusion hair loss. It is possible to reduce a dose or to pass to alternative drug which is less harmful to growth of hair. Otherwise the hair loss is usually normalized in itself after the end of therapy.

Also diseases can be the cause of a hair loss, (such as superactivity of a thyroid gland or tuberculosis).

The mechanical hair loss at women can be prevented if not to subject roots of hair to an excessive tension. For example, very hardly to tie a horse tail.

The temporary hair loss at women after the delivery, operations or infections usually does not demand any treatment, and is normalized independently.

Hair loss at women: when to see a doctor?

If you noticed that at you a large number of hair drops out, it is recommended to visit the specialist. 

All body hair have a certain growth cycle, and at once a large number of hairs sometimes drops out. In case of a hair loss with the obvious reason (for example, after pregnancy) visit of the doctor most often is not required.

If the hair loss proceeds or you noticed that head hair already considerably thin in certain places, it is recommended to visit the doctor. He will be able to define at an early stage whether any disease is the reason.