In case of blood circulation disturbance blood cannot freely flow on vessels any more. It can suddenly occur or gradually develop.

Especially often disturbances of blood circulation affect legs, a foot, a hand and a brush. Typical symptoms are pallor of skin in the struck area, pricking and pain during physical exercises. Noticed these symptoms at themselves? 
Reasons and symptoms of disturbance of blood circulation
At fabric blood circulation disturbance, the bodies or extremities supplied by the struck vessels receive less oxygen and nutrients. Besides, end products of metabolism, such as carbon dioxide, are transported more slowly.

The reasons can be the following: hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis), occlusion of vessels (for example, because of a clot), inflammation of vessels (vasculitis).

Certain risk factors promote blood circulation disturbances:

1. Smoking.
2. The increased arterial blood pressure.
3. Diabetes mellitus.
4. Increase in level of lipids in blood.
5. Obesity.
6. Lack of physical exercises.
7. Improper feeding.

The main symptoms of disturbance of blood circulation are:

1. Cold hands or legs.
2. Stethalgia or in all body.
3. Numbness and pricking of extremities.
4. Pale skin.
5. Bad healing of wounds.
6. Faints.
7. Emergence of a venous reticulum.
8. Erectile dysfunction.

Disturbances of blood circulation in bodies can cause serious pathologies. Examples:

At disturbances of blood circulation in intestines the heart attack or an enteroplegia threatens.

At disturbances of blood circulation coronary heart disease with cardiac pains and in extreme cases a heart attack often develops in heart at patients.

The acute disorder of blood circulation in a brain can lead to a stroke.

Blood circulation disturbances: treatment

Options of therapy include medical procedures and also drugs and physical therapy.

In most cases acute occlusion of vessels it is possible to treat only in the surgical way. Sometimes surgical intervention is useful also at chronic disturbances of blood circulation.

It is important to watch over health!

Lack of nicotine, physically active life, balanced food, timely treatment of diseases, such, as: the arterial hypertension, a dislipidemiya or a diabetes mellitus, will prevent problems with blood circulation disturbance.