It is especially important that throughout all life there were no problems from acoustic organs. 10 practical advice can become a key to maintaining good hearing for many years.

1. Avoid loud sounds
You steer clear of loud sounds. Try to avoid very noisy places and you spend more time in parks and quiet places.

2. Control the loudness of your devices
Try that the loudness of the TV, the computer, stereosystems or radio was included at the average level.

3. Regularly you clean ears
You clean ears when you wash in the morning or you take a shower, just wash up them water. Do not go in cycles in removal of all earwax because the correct our work of acoustic organs requires the minimum quantity of sulfur.

4. Limit use of earphones
It is important to control usage time of earphones for listening of music. It is recommended to use earphones at a loudness which allows to hear surrounding sounds.

5. Do not use sharp objects for cleaning of ears
Avoid hit of foreign objects in acoustical pass, it can lead to irreversible damages and with a hearing loss.

6. Avoid hit of moisture in acoustical passes
The most helpful advice on care of ears which we can allow you — not to forget to get rid of water in ears if it got there when you took a shower or swam in the pool.

7. Be careful of cold, an allergy and infections
Always there is a risk that any of above-mentioned states can mention acoustic organs, become complicated and lead to pathologies with the adverse forecast.

8. Forget about house means for cleaning of ears
It is possible to find a set of self-made means which can be hazardous to health of your ears in the Internet.

9. Avoid ototoksichny drugs
If you suffer from discomfort in ears, report about it to the doctor and ask to appoint the necessary medicines which do not have a negative impact on hearing and work of a vestibular mechanism.

10. Avoid strong wind
Air circulation, with an excessive speed getting into ears, can cause attacks of pain and inflammation. Make sure that you have a good protection against wind when you ride a bike or you go to jog.