If the throat strongly hurts and there is temperature, often it is tonsillitis or so-called quinsy.

Even at heavy symptoms disease usually takes place harmlessly. Surgical removal of tonsils is required seldom.

Viruses or bacteria are the causes of tonsillitis. The main bacterial activators are streptococci, staphylococcus and pneumococci. Children and teenagers have tonsillitis more often than adults.

Activators are transmitted through saliva, for example, at a conversation, cough, sneezing or kisses. In places of a big congestion of people — for example, in kindergartens, schools, public transport or large offices — the disease, can extend very quickly.

How it is shown?

Acute tonsillitis usually begins suddenly. It can be shown in the following symptoms:

1. red, swelled up, sometimes purulent tonsils;
2. pain when swallowing;
3. severe pain in a throat which can give to ears;
4. unpleasant smell from a mouth or unpleasant smack in a mouth;
5. high temperature or fever;
6. headache;
7. exhaustion and fatigue.

children often complain of abdominal pains, vomiting or lack of appetite.

In case of recurrent tonsillitis, also called adenoid disease, symptoms are less expressed.

Treatment of tonsillitis

If you noticed any of above-mentioned symptoms at yourself or the child, see a doctor, especially if you have a high temperature, purulent traffic jams on tonsils or severe pain in a throat when swallowing.

To avoid complications the otorhinolaryngologist to exclude other states which cause similar symptoms.

Purely viral tonsillitis is usually harmless and passes in itself in several days. If there is a bacterial infection, the doctor will appoint an antibiotic for prevention of complications.

At consecutive therapy acute tonsillitis passes through one-two weeks without consequences. Recommendations how quicker to put itself or the child on legs:

1. Surely accept antibiotics till the moment appointed by the doctor even if symptoms disappeared before. Thus, you prevent a recurrence and development of resistance of activators.
2. The sufficient dream and bed rest will allow an organism to focus on recovery.
3. Accept water, camomile or sagy tea, liquid or soft food which will not irritate a throat.
4. Avoid tobacco smoke and exercise stresses.
5. Wet packs of a neck promote fast process of healing.