Why hair drop out? And how to treat loss?

Care of own beauty for many begins with a visit of studio of manicure or hairdressing salon. However true beauty begins with health including health of our hair. However often forget about their health till the moment will not face a problem or a disease yet.
And our hair are an integral part of an organism and their health demands a certain care.

Here some interesting facts about our hair:

1. by the nature hair have the surprising durability and resistance to influences of external environment including aggressive, and one human hair can sustain 100 grams of weight
2. hair are afraid of contact with fire and quickly ignite, but at the same time do not collapse water, low temperatures and even some acids
3. hair cover all our body except lips, palms and soles, on a body at us vellus hair which are almost imperceptible
4. hair of men it is frequent more thickly women's twice
5. the hair grows on a hair bulb on which new cells appear, then they dry, become the keratosic and their core is extended, these are those hair which we got used to see
6. hair grow only up or perpendicular to the surface of skin therefore short stick out, and long under a body weight lay down
7. one hair bulb is capable to grow a new hair about 20 times, and one hair lives about 5-6 years

What does the density of hair depend on?

It is considered that the density of hair depends on their color, and on average on the head of the person the follicle grows about 100000 hair, but if to go deep, then to become clear that at blondes and blondes the nature put about 148000 follicles, at brunettes – 110000, at brown-haired persons – 100000, and here were least of all lucky owners and owners of red hair – quantity hair a follicle at them the lowest and makes about 86000.

Color of hair is defined by a pigment melanin which is formed in two types. The first look is so-called grains and they give dark hair color from chestnut-colored to black, and here in the distributed form they provide the whole palette of light colors – from almost white blonde to red. And here such shades as blue, red or green are not subject to this pigment, and such color can achieve only by means of paint.
With age we have a gray hair because work of a hair bulb is broken, melanin ceases to be produced and often hair become more rare. But except age can lead to a growth disorder of hair also other factors, such as:

1. stress
2. disturbances of work of an endocrine system or hormonal imbalance
3. sharp change of food and diet
4. chronic and recurrent diseases
5. aggressive environmental factors
6. influence of toxic drugs and substances
7. at men of a growth disorder of hair can be connected with production of hormone of testosterone
8. genetic factors and diseases

However loss of hair does not become noticeable at once in order that probably it considerably needed to be lost about their half therefore if you noticed that on a hairbrush/pillow there is too large number of hair - it is an occasion to see a doctor who will conduct examination of head skin will collect the anamnesis, will carry out laboratory and tool diagnostics, will make the diagnosis and will appoint treatment.

Today in an arsenal of doctors there is a set of ways to keep a head of hear healthy and beautiful including by means of injections of nutritious drugs, such as mesotherapy and plasmolifting of head skin.