Timely routine inspections at the urologist's doctor, are an effective way of prevention of problems of an urinogenital system at early stages.

Most of men try to avoid a visit to the doctor, including it something shameful. For visit of the doctor of the urologist wait emergence of the following complaints:

1. Acute pain in inguinal area.
2. Itch, burning, the speeded-up urodynias.
3. Characteristic allocations from an urethra with an unpleasant smell

It is not necessary to allow emergence of these symptoms. The planned visit to the urologist, considerably will reduce chance of development of a number of urological diseases.

Reception at the doctor-urologist

The urology – investigates and diagnoses diseases of bodies of an urinogenital system. It should be noted that the doctor - the urologist is not only for men as assume in most cases, but also for women.

The area of a research of this specialist includes diagnostics and treatment of diseases:

1. Urethra.
2. Kidneys
3. Bladder
4. Men's generative organs (penis, scrotum, prostate).

Men have to have a routine inspection on a constant basis. To young men since eighteen years, it is necessary to undergo annual inspection, and to men after forty two times in a year.

At what symptoms it is worth addressing the urologist?

In everyday life, there is a number of factors of the urological diseases provoking risk of development:

1. Wrong way of life.
2. Long absence of the movement.
3. Chronic diseases.
4. Inactive (sedentary) way of life.
5. Sock of tight underwear.

If there were following symptoms, then it is necessary to see a doctor surely:

1. Detection of blood in semen or urine.
2. Emergence of the collecting mucous allocations from the generative organs which are followed by an unpleasant smell.
3. External changes to hypostasis, rash, reddening of external genitals.
4. Acute pains in a groin and in the bottom of a stomach
5. The listed signs can signal about serious diseases. The specified symptoms are how dangerous, only visit of the doctor - the urologist and inspection will help here.

Preparation for reception

On the eve of the visit to the urologist it is necessary to refuse consumption of alcoholic beverages. Also it will be required:

1. Results of the last inspections (blood test, urine and ultrasonography protocol of kidneys, bladder, prostate gland)
2. For two - three days not to come into sexual contact.

Since evening before a visit to the doctor it is necessary to take a shower, and in day of survey in two hours it is worth refraining from urination. At observance of these recommendations, on reception at the doctor - the urologist will not arise difficulties.