Symptoms, treatment, diagnostics

What is represented by adenoides?

Adenoides are a congestion of an adenoid tissue which is on a joint of a nasal cavity and a stomatopharynx.
The pharyngeal tonsil grows actively till 5-7 flyings, and then begins to decrease, this process comes to an end approximately in 13-14 years (sometimes later, it is individual).
The pharyngeal tonsil is one of parts of the immune device, it reacts to the microorganisms getting through a nose therefore at frequent infection adenoides inflame, expand and/or hypertrophy.

Problems arise while adenoides increase too strongly. At the same time hypertrophy degree not always correlates with character and intensity of manifestations therefore the choice of a method of treatment depends on symptoms.

Symptoms of a hypertrophy of adenoides:

1. difficulty breath, puffing, noisy breath
2. disturbance of breath in a dream – obstructive an apnoea, snore
3. recurrent otitises
4. twang
5. post-nasal hypostasis, etc.

Treatment can be medicamentous with the subsequent observation, at inefficiency of conservative treatment operation can be recommended.

Diagnostics procedure of choice – endoscopy by means of the special device. In our clinic the procedure is carried out on the modern and new equipment from thin (2.8 mm) and the flexible tube equipped with the video camera and light.

All this allows to make diagnostics by the most informative and delicate (anesthesia is not required). Also this method has advantage before X-ray, video endoscopy is safe and is carried out without radiation.