Statistically the thrombophlebitis reason - varicosity meets at every third woman

Thrombophlebitis is a complication and a negative consequence of a varicosity and consists in formation of blood clot and the inflammatory process of a vascular wall connected with it a current. Thrombophlebitis is an already not just esthetic problem, this disease which is followed painful syndromes and can lead to a blood clot separation.

Blood clot is a clot which is formed because of a varicosity, gradually with the advent of varicosity food of fabrics is broken, inflammation develops, then there is blood clot, and this site of a vein reddens and in it pain is felt.

Process of formation of blood clot can capture new sites of a venous system over time and pass to deep veins. There is a danger of a separation of blood clot. At such combination of circumstances blood clot on a circulatory system can be brought in a pulmonary artery where there will be its obstruction, the thromboembolism will begin and everything will end can do by a lethal outcome.

How to distinguish thrombophlebitis?

1. morbidity on the vein course
2. visible erubescences
3. consolidation on the site of a vein where the varicosity is observed is felt
4. temperature increase in connection with inflammatory process is possible

Thrombophlebitis reasons

As thrombophlebitis is a varicosity consequence, in most cases, namely in 90% it is localized standing, but can affect also veins of other parts of our organism.

What provokes appearance of thrombophlebitis?

1. infections, inflammation of veins can turn out to be consequence of scarlet fever, pneumonia, tonsillitis and even flu
2. oncological diseases
3. changes of a hormonal background which led to blood change
4. lack of physical activity
5. damages of walls and vessels as a result of injuries or operations