Preparation for vaccination for adults:

1. WHO recommends to adhere hypoallergenic (an exception of a diet of citrus products, chocolate, etc.) diets in 2 weeks prior to performing vaccination, such diet allows immunity to react correctly to vaccine, and the irregular chair and frequent constipations increase risk of side reactions
2. refrain from intake of any alcoholic beverages in 2-3 days prior to an inoculation
3. before vaccination it is impossible to overeat

Important! Before vaccination reception and survey of the therapist, also perhaps purposes of the general blood test is necessary

Preparation for inoculations for children:

1. before the first diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, hemophilic infection inoculation to the child it is necessary to make 2 tests: general blood test and urine
2. control meal of the kid, he should not overeat to an inoculation
3. vaccination cannot is carried out to time of exacerbation of chronic diseases or at manifestation of acute allergic reaction. Also kids who had acute infectious diseases are not allowed to vaccination, that is inoculations cannot are made earlier, than in 2 weeks after recovery.

Important! Before an inoculation reception, collecting the anamnesis and survey of the pediatrician is necessary

Contraindications, at which vaccination for all groups of diseases:

1. pregnancy
2. malignant new growths
3. human immunodeficiency virus
4. for children acute and exacerbation of chronic diseases
5. strong reactions and complications at earlier carried out inoculations

Contraindications at BTsZh (the vaccine against tuberculosis):

1. the weight of the kid is less than 2 kilograms
2. formations of a keloid cicatrix in the place of the previous vaccine

At ADKS (the adsorbed pertussoid and diphtheritic and tetanic vaccine):

1. actively progressing diseases of a nervous system
2. spasms in the anamnesis which are not connected with high temperature and heat

To contraindications at hepatitis B the allergy to baking yeast is. Vaccination against flu is impossible at allergic reaction to protein of egg, aminoglycosides and if earlier carried out vaccination caused strong reaction of an organism.
Such live vaccines, as clumsy, parotitis, krasnushny. Dee - and trivaccines are contraindicated at heavy allergic reactions to amnoglikozida