Appendicitis is a disease at which an appendix the appendage of a caecum inflames and swells up.
It is in the lower right part of an abdominal cavity which departs from a wall of a caecum and blindly comes to an end. At inflammation only the vermiform appendage is surprised.

Appendicitis is possible at any age, but the disease meets often aged from 10 till 30 flyings. Knowledge of symptoms and symptoms of appendicitis is necessary in time to ask for medical care and to prevent complications.

How appendicitis is shown?

At the beginning of inflammation usually there are widespread complaints which can confirm also other diseases. The most common symptom of appendicitis is the abdominal pain. Pain usually begins around a navel, and then moves to the bottom right side of a stomach. As a rule, other symptoms are added within several hours.

Symptoms of an acute appendicitis:

1. Pain.
2. Nausea and vomiting.
3. Diarrhea or constipation.
4. Frequent urination.
5. Fervescence.
6. Sometimes ChSS increases and the night perspiration appears.

In certain cases pain can be temporarily relieved in a prone position, but pain finally will become more intensive and constant.

Appendicitis at children, pregnant and elderly people

At small children, pregnant women and elderly people appendicitis proceeds differently that sometimes complicates diagnostics.

Children usually suffer from heavier symptoms, than elderly people. Pain at little patients often extends to all stomach and is followed by severe nausea. On the other hand, especially at small children, the atypical clinical picture, for example, with fever, but without complaints to a stomach or on the contrary is often observed.

At elderly people appendicitis often progresses artfully, appendicitis symptoms, such as pain and vomiting, are less intensive. Fever arises seldom.

At pregnant women the appendix is displaced from the lower part of a stomach up and knaruzh. The pain characteristic of appendicitis then arises in atypical places, is frequent even in spin.

Treatment of appendicitis

The diagnosis an acute appendicitis is made by the doctor-surgeon, defining indications to an immediate surgery.

Standard treatment of appendicitis is the surgical removal of an appendix known as appendectomy.