Each of us made blood test at least once in life, but what it shows?! In this article we will consider indicators of the general analysis:


The main function of hemoglobin consists in function of transportation of oxygen from lungs to fabrics and bodies and also the help in removal of carbon dioxide from an organism.
The lowered indicators of hemoglobin can testify to anemia, blood loss, the concealed internal hemorrhage, to damage of internals.
It can raise at some types of heart diseases, including insufficiency, at diseases of blood and even dehydration.


Level of erythrocytes in our blood can be raised both at diseases, and in unusual conditions for an organism, for example, in mountains at big height and at decrease in level of oxygen.
Increase in erythrocytes also speaks about diseases, such as heart disease (inborn or acquired), pulmonary diseases, kidneys, a liver and even bronchial tubes and also at excess of steroid hormones in an organism and also at Cushing's disease or hormonal therapy.
Decrease happens at anemia, acute blood loss, chronic inflammatory processes in an organism and on late durations of gestation.


The main function of these cells — decrease in level of negative impact on an organism.
In total there are five types of leukocytes (lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils, basophiles) and at each of them performs a certain function.
For definition of a ratio of all types of leukocytes it is required performing the developed or expanded blood test.
The lowered level of leukocytes or leukopenia can demonstrate existence of a viral infection (at flu or viral diseases) and also at medicamentous therapy and intake of the anticonvulsant or anesthetizing drugs.


It is an indicator of coagulability of blood. Excess of standard of quantity of thrombocytes in blood nablyuadtsya at: chronic inflammatory diseases (tuberculosis, ulcer colitis, cirrhosis), after operations and treatment by hormonal drugs.
Level of these cells under the influence of alcohol can go down, at poisoning with heavy metals, some diseases of blood, a renal failure, diseases of a liver, spleen, hormonal disturbances. And at the use of medicines, such as antibiotics, diuretic drugs, digoxin, nitroglycerine and others.

Indicators of biochemical analysis of blood:

GLUCOSE. Decrease in this indicator it is observed at insufficient and irregular food, hormonal diseases. And increase — at a diabetes mellitus.
CRUDE PROTEIN. Can decrease in a consequence of deterioration in work of a liver, kidneys, malnutrition. Sharp decrease demonstrates that the diet did not do good to an organism.
GENERAL BILIRUBIN. It is an indicator of work of a liver, raises at hepatitis, cholelithiasis.
CREATININE. This substance shows how our kidneys work. Excess of norm — symptom of a renal failure, decrease in limit of norm speaks about the level of our immunity.

Remember that to decipher analyses only doctors have to do and only the specialist can appoint treatment and issue further recommendations.