Care for the health correctly

Each of us is forced to see a doctor behind treatment, better of course early sooner or later, at an early stage it is simpler to cure any disease, but now not about it.
Often appoint to reception of the doctor to us medicamentous therapy.

It is important! If the doctor after reception appointed drugs it means that:

- the doctor looks for solutions of your problem and treatment of a disease or its symptoms
- medicine is appointed for your health and improvement of a state - administration of drugs will be the most effective if you awake to follow the recommendations of the specialist

And when the patient addresses repeatedly, the doctor of course conducts survey, repeatedly collects the anamnesis and is guided by the fact that his patient followed this to recommendations, adjusting the appointments and tactics of treatment. However researches show that from 20 to 50% of patients do not carry out appointment of the doctor and pass time of administration of drugs, reduce or increase their dosage, stop their reception without consultation with the specialist at all.
Meanwhile, it is very important for success and efficiency of treatment that the patient observed recommendations.

Why patients are so not disciplined?

1. drugs can exceed the expected cost, however it is better replace them with generics or analogs in coordination with the specialist. Sometimes the doctor purposefully appoints expensive, but effectively operating drug
2. some patients prefer folk remedies, however consequences of their reception can be unpredictable and complicate treatment further
3. at improvement of health refuse independently from drug intake
4. but also of course, each of us can forget or distract

The most important – to realize need of cooperation with the doctor. In essence, the doctor only writes out appointments, and responsibility for further recovery and intake of medicines lies on the patient. If we want to be healthy, it is necessary to take care of it.