When the analysis of urine is appointed? How it is correct to hand over urine? Read in our new article

The subject is delicate, but we will be honest, each of us at least once in life made this test.

When the analysis of urine is appointed?

1. at routine inspection or inspection of the state health (by the way, we advise you once a year completely to check, how is your organism and all its systems)
2. at planned surveys to pregnant women
3. at diseases of an urinary system and such diseases as pyelonephritis, cystitis and others
4. at a diabetes mellitus and its diagnostics
5. at primary diagnostics of many diseases
6. for control of the state of health after transferring of such diseases as scarlet fever and quinsy for prevention of complications
7. at control health estimates after a course of treatment

And now a couple of words about what indicators are the most informative and are estimated in the analysis:

1. strangely enough, the first indicator is color – various shades yellow are allowed
2. transparency/turbidity, any of turbidity can point to development of pathological processes in an organism, that is the level of leukocytes increases that can speak about purulent processes, bacteria or the salts which are dropping out in a deposit can be the reasons of pomutneniye
3. density / specific weight, it depends on concentration of solutes – uric acid, urea, creatinine, salts. The lowered specific weight can be symptom of pyelonephritis, and raised - the certificate of diseases of a cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus or glomerulonephritis
4. reaction of urine/pH – this indicator estimates acidity which can be subacidic, neutral or alkalescent. However it is necessary to consider that a set of external factors can have an impact on this indicator, including intake of vitamins, medicines and also a way of life and a diet, so the meat diet increases acidity, and consumption of vegetables and vegetarianism does it alkalescent. Also increased PH value or alkalinization can be symptom of diseases of kidneys and inflammatory processes of the most various etiology and localization. The lowered pH or high acidity – the certificate of dehydration, including it can arise at diarrhea or point to a diabetes mellitus
5. protein in urine - norm it should not come to light, and protein at pathologies appears
6. glucose in urine – also normal has to be absent. For example, presence of glucose at urine at pregnancy (in 2 and 3 trimesters) can be the certificate of a gestational diabetes mellitus which passes after the delivery and arises because of high concentration of hormones and their activity. You remember glucose in mine at pregnancy - it is a signal that it is necessary to reconsider the way of life and a food allowance, but of course. Before it it is necessary to be convinced that there are no other reasons for its emergence and it is not sign of development of a serious disease
7. bilirubin and urobilinigen – bilious pigments
8. erythrocytes and leukocytes, cells of an epithelium, bacterium and mushrooms – all this alien bodies which concentration in urine is also considered in its analysis

How to be prepared for delivery of this major analysis?

1. As the most exact result can be received in the analysis of morning urine, and it is necessary to make the test in the morning, it is desirable the analysis it has to be built at the second urination
2. Also before collecting urine take care of hygiene of generative organs
3. It is better to collect urine in a special container, it can be got in any drugstore
4. And here urine in clinic to deliver better within 2-3 hours
5. On the eve of the analysis exclude alcohol, avoid stresses and reduce exercise stresses.
6. You should not change consumption of liquid and water before the analysis, drink so much how many you drink usually in day.
7. In order that could estimate color of urine at laboratories do not eat the day before beet, bilberry, carrots and an asparagus, in a significant amount they can change its color
8. At delivery of the analysis do not forget to mention if you take any drugs or vitamins because they can influence analysis indicators
9. Women are not recommended to make the test during periods