A number of activators is capable to affect development of future child negatively. Protect yourself from infections and strengthen the immunity by means of a healthy lifestyle.
The correct conducting pregnancy plays an important role in fetation and warns against dangers which can arise at pregnant women.

Especially in an embryonal phase there is a risk of development of heart diseases or a brain, a vision disorder or hearing at the kid. In case of infection after the 18th week of pregnancy the risk of a malformation considerably decreases.

Flu is a serious disease, especially for people with the weakened immune system, such as: babies and small children, pregnant women and elderly people. Pregnant women should undergo vaccination against flu.

Chicken pox
In case of a disease in the first trimester of pregnancy the infection of chicken pox in rare instances can lead to a syndrome of congenital chicken pox (SVV). There are characteristic malformations of extremities, eyes, a brain and skin.

Hepatitis forms (In and C) are transmitted through exchange of corporal liquids (the unprotected sex; general needles, injuries). The disease usually leads to a chronic disease of a liver. There is a risk of infection of future child during pregnancy (through a placenta) or childbirth (blood exchange). You should not expect malformations. Hepatitis B infection, is connected with risk of an abortion and low body weight at the birth and also inflammation of a liver of a fruit. Pregnant women pass analyses on a hepatitis infection after the 12th week.

Cytomegaloviral infection
The activator is the virus of family of herpeses (cytomegalovirus) which remains in organism cells after primary infection. The cytomegaly is the most widespread prenatal disease. To notice this infection in time helps to begin treatment to doctors-obstetricians ultrasonography and special blood tests.

Herpes infection
Viruses of herpes cause various clinical pictures. The most known and most common form is the herpes (caused by a herpes simplex virus like I). For the course of pregnancy and childbirth herpes practically does not matter. In case of venereal forms of herpes (genital herpes, a virus of a herpes simplex of the II type) there is a risk of an abortion or infection and a serious illness of the newborn.

Venereal diseases
To number of diseases, sexually transmitted which are dangerous to the kid during pregnancy and after the delivery genital herpes and syphilis and also the HIV virus belong.

Streptococcal infection
Streptococci are bacteria which are divided into different strains. The corresponding strains can cause various diseases, such as stenocardia or scarlet fever. During pregnancy group B streptococci as the child can catch them at the birth are dangerous.