Whether there is a method which will help the person suffering from constant backbone, spin or joints pains without reception of big dosages of medicines and surgical intervention?
The answer and, is shock and wave therapy.

Efficiency of methods of physical therapy including UVT is already proved not only on the example of numerous clinical trials, but also in broad medical practice of the medical centers of rehabilitation and doctors of traumatologists-orthopedists.

In some cases the course of treatment by means of shock and wave therapy can not only save from a pain syndrome, but also replace need of surgical intervention and also reduce treatment by medicines.

This procedure has also some other advantages:

1. UVT possesses a lasting and long-term effect
2. special preparation is not required
3. the procedure is carried out without anesthesia
4. cost is much lower in comparison with an alternative operative measure

How does UVT pass?

The method of action of such therapy is based on influence of acoustic waves. When waves reach the place of inflammation there is an effect of cavitation. So-called, formation of microscopic zones of a vacuum.
Thanks to such effect influence happens directly on the center of pain or inflammation, at the same time the internal structure of bones and healthy fabrics does not suffer, but at the same time restoration processes are started.

By means of shock and wave therapy it is possible to achieve:

1. effect of anesthesia
2. improvements of microcirculation in fabrics and accelerations of a metabolism
3. decrease in a hyper tone of muscular tissue (excellent addition to rehabilitation and the period of restoration for athletes and fitness trainers)
4. destructions of salts of calcium and their removal
5. stimulation of an angenesis
6. restoration of a blood-groove

The first experience of use of UVT was at the end of the 20th century in the field of urology, by means of acoustic waves doctors carried out destruction of stones in kidneys, the procedure is called a shock and wave lithotripsy. Then UVT began to use actively as a physical therapy method in neurology, and then and in traumatology and orthopedics.
Now such shows to therapy excellent results in treatment of calcaneal spurs, arthritises, arthroses at initial stages, is an excellent method of rehabilitation after injuries and operations. 

Thanks to such approach recovery is observed in 80-90% of cases. In addition, shock therapy can be applied also in the cosmetic purposes, for example, to improvement of outward of skin, reduction of body capacities and stimulation of an angenesis.

Indications for carrying out UVT:

1. musculoskeletal system diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis, humeroscapular pariartroz)
2. diseases of a muscular system (joints, ligaments, sinews)
3. epicondylitis – an elbow of the tennis player/golfer
4. tendinitis, tendinoz
5. impidzhment-syndrome
6. valgus deformation of foot or stone standing, calcaneal spur
7. rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, receiving scars and formation of hems
8. trophic disturbances (ulcers at diabetes, a varicosis)
9. muscular and tonic syndrome