Stomach ache Yo common symptom familiar to much. Pain indicates existence of pathological processes not only digestive tract, but also other bodies which are nearby. It is important to be able to define correctly where there is an inflammation center. The discomfort usually appears in the middle of a stomach, in the area under reberye.

The reasons can be the most different. Often this overeating, disturbance of a diet or use of low-quality food. The stomach ache can demonstrate existence of acute process or chronic diseases.

Diseases of digestive tract can formally be divided into two groups: infectious and noninfectious.
On character pain is divided into the following types: aching, stupid, sharp, burning or intolerable. Sometimes is followed by nausea, diarrhea and other disturbance of work of a GIT.

How to keep a stomach healthy?

To avoid development of diseases of digestive tract, it is necessary to follow enough simple rules:

1. follow rules of healthy nutrition. Meal has to be 3-4 times a day;
2. do not overeat;
3. do not use fast food, semi-finished products and high-calorific food;
4. give preference to fresh fruit and vegetables;
5. do not abuse alcohol and refuse smoking;
6. do not forget to play sports and lead active lifestyle;
7. surely you undergo routine medical examinations.