The birth of the baby an important stage in life of married couple and is very important that everything promoted the birth of the healthy child.
Planning of pregnancy allows to prepare future parents for conception and the birth of the kid, to find and avoid a problem with health and to be prepared for childbirth.

It is desirable to begin inspection in 3 months prior to the planned pregnancy. At the first stage the woman needs to see an experienced doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist. Before survey the doctor collects the anamnesis Yo asks all data on health of the patient: about that as there passes the menstrual cycle, contraceptives, the previous pregnancies, also about the postponed diseases of a reproductive system.
Further the doctor passes to survey and purpose of inspections.

Survey consists of several stages:

1. Inspection of mammary glands Yo palpation on identification of educations in chest gland, increases in lymph nodes.
2. Gynecologic survey on a chair Yo doctor estimates a condition of external genitals and performs internal inspection. At this stage undertakes a smear (FATHERS test) from a neck of uterus for microscopic examination.
3. The doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist, according to indications - can direct the woman to ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis. By means of it it is possible to survey: uterus, pipe fallopiyeva, ovaries.
4. Finishing survey, the doctor gives the directions on analyses.
5. The patient planning pregnancy needs to visit also other specialists: therapist, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist.
6. Full inspection of married couple Yo pledge of the birth of the healthy child. Men need also to approach process of conception of the child responsibly. It is recommended to visit the doctor-urologist.

Obligatory analyses by preparation for pregnancy

For women:
1. General blood test.
2. Biochemical analysis of blood.
3. Blood test on STD.
4. Koagulogramma Yo blood test on coagulability.
5. General analysis of urine.
6. Kolposkopiya of a neck of uterus.
7. Also it is recommended to do vaccination against hepatitis B, flu. If there is no immunity to a rubella, then it is better to do vaccination.

For men:
1. To make blood test on existence of sexually transmitted infections.
2. On TORCH infection (Herpes, the Rubella, the Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasmosis).
3. Research of a secretion of a prostate.
4. Number of blood tests and urine.

Joint analyses:
1. Blood test on definition of a Rhesus factor and a blood group of partners.
2. The analysis on TORCH infection.

Preparation for conception

The last stage of planning of pregnancy – directly preparation for conception.

Partners are recommended to refrain 2-3 months from medicines, without approval of the doctor. To refuse addictions: smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages to reduce amount of coffee.

It is also recommended not to visit baths, saunas, to refrain from hot bathtubs. It is necessary to add more fruit and vegetables to a diet.

For strengthening of an organism, in three months prior to pregnancy planning the woman needs to drink vitamins C folic acid.

After passing of all stages of preparation it is possible to pass to the process of conception, for this purpose, as a rule, it is required from several months to one year.