What types of the yododefitsit and as there takes place them diagnostics happen

Iodine deficiency diseases of thyroid gland – thyroid pathology which develops in an organism as a result of a lack of iodine.

Signs which can testify to this pathology:

1. increase in the sizes of a thyroid gland
2. dysphagy
3. memory impairment
4. weakness and chronic fatigue
5. xeroderma
6. increase in body weight
7. the increased fragility of nails

Diagnostics of this deficiency is carried out by the doctor-endocrinologist by means of ultrasonography and laboratory analyses on TTG, tireodny hormones, the biopsy in certain cases can be required.

Not only the pathologies of a thyroid gland caused by the shortage of iodine in an organism but also states as a result of deficiency of thyroid hormones belong to iodine deficiency states.

Types of iodine deficiency diseases of a thyroid gland

Most often yododefitsit arises as the compensatory mechanism on shortage to iodine when ensuring synthesis of thyroid hormones and is shown in the form of a diffusion euthyroid craw as a uniform enlargement of the thyroid gland.
The second, on frequency, a type of manifestation of the yododefitsit – a nodal craw – an uneven or nodal hyperplasia of a thyroid gland. At early stages of this manifestation of deficiency treatment which will allow to avoid complications in the form of a hypothyroidism is possible.
Women are the most vulnerable during pregnancy and children.

Yododefitsit symptoms

In case of development of a diffusion euthyroid craw perhaps asymptomatic disease, unpleasant feelings in a neck are usually noted, and at its increase there is a feeling as though in a throat the lump and difficulties when swallowing got stuck. Even a scarcely noticeable enlargement of the thyroid gland – an occasion to register in reception to the endocrinologist.

Against the background of and the moderate yododefitsit at patients memory can worsen, decrease the level of perception of information, there will be a confusion and apathy, metabolism will slow down owing to what body weight increases, skin becomes dry, and hair fragile. And as yododefitsit mentions endocrine systems, because of a hormonal imbalance development of heart troubles, vessels, biliary tract, mastopathies, hysteromyomas, frustration of a menstrual cycle and infertility at women is possible.

Degree of consequences depends on weight of deficiency and age of the patient.

Consequences of deficiency are caused by its weight and age at which the lack of iodine develops. Leads to the most serious consequences yododefitsit, developed at early stages of formation of an organism: from pre-natal – to age of puberty.