Vascular asterisks not just cosmetic defect, but disease

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So, vascular asterisks are not a just cosmetic defect, it is a signal of development of a serious disease, so emergence of vascular asterisks standing can be the first disturbing call of development of venous insufficiency and varicosity.
In medical terminology vascular asterisks call teleangiectasias (sometimes — telangiectasias). And there are they when small vessels extend, filled with blood and because of it become visible under the surface of skin. Teleangiectasias can develop on different parts of a body: on a face, on hands, but most often meet standing. And though the reasons of their emergence can be various.

Distinguish from internal factors which can influence emergence of vascular asterisks:

1. liver diseases (cirrhosis);
2. pregnancy period;
3. deficiency of vitamin K, ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, copper and silicon;
4. hormonal disturbances (is more often at women);
5. varicosity of the lower extremities;
6. obesity;
7. diabetes mellitus;
8. autoimmune diseases;
9. pathologies of connecting fabric;
10. immunodeficiency;
11. genetic predisposition;
12. prolonged use of glucocorticosteroid drugs;
13. reception of oral contraceptives.

Treat external factors which can cause emergence of vascular asterisks:

1. strong traumatic damage;
2. heavy exercise stresses;
3. abuse of alcoholic beverages and smoking;
4. frequent temperature fluctuations (overheating and overcooling);
5. ultraviolet radiation (has negative effect on a vascular wall of the upper layer of the skin at frequent solar bathtubs and visit of a sunbed);
6. radiation exposure;
7. nerve strain.

The vascular asterisks connected with influence of external factors can independently pass. The asterisks which arose under the influence of internal factors demand carrying out inspection and treatment much more often.
And phlebologists who as well carry out diagnostics therefore at emergence of any defects of vessels observation and the address to the doctor is obligatory even if emergence of vascular asterisks is caused by external factors are engaged in treatment.