Intestines bacteria - guarantee of health of all GIT

And you know that it is necessary to care for bacteria?
Sounds strange, but it is the truth, only it is necessary to care not for all bacteria, and bacteria of our intestines – about a microbiota.

Bacteria of our intestines eat cellulose and food fibers, these are complex carbohydrates which are not processed by our organism, but are split by intestines bacteria which as a result of splitting produce butyric acid which cells of our organism eat and helps to support many functions of an organism.

And in order that this symbiosis was positive and we well felt it is necessary to care for bacteria:

include complex carbohydrates in the food allowance, they can be received from grain, vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, seeds, cereals. And the more variously you eat, the intestines microbiota is more various, and the community of bacteria is more various, the better bacteria perform the functions – process cellulose, produce butyric acid, improve digestion, protect from growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Important! Every day our organism needs 30 grams of cellulose.

play sports, the set of researches which prove that exercise stresses positively on a variety of bacteria in intestines, are especially useful aerobic loadings – run, dances, aerobics, driving the bicycle, swimming, dances, occupations skiing, that is any loadings where a large amount of oxygen is spent is conducted today.