Order Prograf Online
Order Prograf Online

Brand name: Prograf

Generic name: Tacrolimus

Category: General health

Available Doses: 1mg, 5mg, 0,5mg

Description: Prograf (tacrolimus) is a synthetic, prescription-only immunosuppressive medication that belongs to the group of calcineurin inhibitors. It is primarily used in organ transplantation to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ by inhibiting the action of T-lymphocytes. Prograf is also used in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis, by suppressing the immune system. 

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Prograf comes as a capsule or solution for oral use. It should be taken with food, preferably in the morning and evening. The usual dose varies depending on the condition being treated and the patient's response to the medication. It is recommended that patients consult with their healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dose.

Prograf can cause a wide range of side effects. Some of the common side effects include:

- Hair loss
- Headache
- Vomiting
- Stomach pain
- Diarrhea
- Muscle pain
- Dizziness
- Fever
- Sleepiness
- Mouth sores
- Fungal infections
- Skin rash

Patients with certain conditions, such as liver or kidney disease, or those who are taking certain medications, may not be able to take Prograf. It is also contraindicated in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Prograf can interact with other medications, particularly those that affect the immune system, such as corticosteroids and other immunosuppressants. It is important for patients to inform their healthcare provider of all medications they are taking, including over-the-counter medications, supplements, and herbal remedies.

In summary, Prograf is an immunosuppressive medication that is used in organ transplantation and autoimmune disorders. It is typically taken orally and should be taken with food. The dose depends on the condition being treated and the patient's response to the medication. Common side effects include hair loss, headache, and vomiting. It is contraindicated in certain conditions and should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Prograf can also interact with other medications, particularly those that affect the immune system. It is important for patients to inform their healthcare provider of all medications they are taking.

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Order Prograf Online

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