Heart – one of the most important bodies of our body, it pumps over blood, supplying all bodies and fabrics with oxygen. And the cardiologist is engaged in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of a cardiovascular system.

In this article we will tell about what symptoms and signs say that the address to this specialist is required. Keep in bookmarks and share material with relatives.

1. pains in a thorax. Any pain in this zone regardless of localization, character and duration of pain are a serious symptom and an occasion to see a doctor for identification and elimination of the reasons
2. asthma and night attacks of suffocation. Repetition of these symptoms demands intervention of the doctor and medical care, at sharp deterioration or feeling "as though you ran many kilometers a marathon" the call of ambulance is necessary
3. puffiness of legs can be a symptom of heart and vascular diseases, hypostases standing are well noticeable. At their regular emergence and strong expressiveness do not postpone a visit to the doctor
4. loss of consciousness, causeless weakness, dizziness and blackout the symptoms indicating problems in cardiac performance
5. increase or lowering of arterial pressure. Indicators of pressure 140/90. Pressure is lower than 90/60 disturbing sign of serious deviations, especially at repetition of episodes
6. cyanotic color of lips indicates problems not only with heart, but also with lungs. Blood is oversaturated by carbon dioxide, and bodies and fabrics are badly supplied with oxygen
7. increase or delay of pulse, it is possible to measure pulse by means of any stop watch and palpation of an artery if pulse is higher than 100 blows or lower than 50 beats per minute, register in reception to the cardiologist

One more important reason which demands responsibility and visit of the specialist – a hereditary factor if in your family heart diseases, cases of sudden death, heart attacks and other disturbances are diagnosed for close relatives then the cardiologist has to have a regular observation.

The timely address will help to avoid problems in the future. Do not wait for aggravation of symptoms, register in reception to the cardiologist.