Order Dapsone Online
Order Dapsone Online

Brand name: Dapsone

Generic name: Diaminodiphenyl sulfone

Category: General health

Available Doses: 1000caps

Description: Dapsone is used alone or co-administered with other drugs to treat leprosy and dermatitis herpetiformis (itching lesions on the elbows, knees, and scalp).

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Common use
Dapsone is anti-infective medication used in combination with rifampicin and clofaziminein treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis (a skin condition) and leprosy (Hansen's disease) caused by Mycobacterium leprae, pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis jiroveci. In combination with pyrimethamine it is used to treat malaria

Dosage and direction
Take Dapsone with a full glass of water. To decrease upset stomach symptoms you may take this medication with food. Take this drug about each time the same day to get the most benefit from it. The dose of Dapsone depends on your condition. To treat leprosy in adults take 50-100 mg orally once daily for 2-5 years. Take 50 mg of Dapsone orally once daily to treat dermatitis herpetiformis. The recommended dose may be increased to 300 mg a day. To treat pneumocystis pneumonia in adults take 100 mg orally one time a day for two or three weeks. Follow all instructions of your doctor. Do not take more Dapsone than it was recommended.

This medication may cause rare but fatal liver or blood problems which are characterized by such signs as bruising or pinpoint red spots on the skin, sore throat, fever, pale skin, jaundice and especially rash. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience the symptoms listed above. In rare cases may lead to serious, and even fatal, skin reactions. Inform your doctor if you have methemoglobin reductase deficiency (hemoglobin M), glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, liver disease. Avoid exposing of your body to direct sun rays as this medication may cause increased skin sensitivity.

Do not use Dapsone in patients with hypersensitivity to the drug.

Possible side effect
If any sign of allergic reaction appear contact your doctor immediately. These include hives, rash, facial swelling, difficulty breathing. Inform your doctor immediately if you have pale skin, bruising or pinpoint red spots on the skin, sore throat, fever, jaundice, muscle weakness, numbness or tingling, bluish skin color, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, unusual tiredness, dark colored urine or pale colored stools.

Drug interaction
Rifampin decreases blood levels of Dapsone. Folic acid antagonists such as pyrimethamine increase possibility of hematologic reactions.

Missed dose
Never take a double dose of this medication. If it is almost time of the next dose just skip the missed portion and continue to take the medicine according to the schedule.

If you have such symptoms as excitation, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and bluish skin color contact your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical help.

Store tablets at room temperature between 15-30 C (59-86 F) in a dry tight container away from moisture and sunlight.

We provide only general information about medications which does not cover all directions, possible drug integrations, or precautions. Information at the site cannot be used for self-treatment and self-diagnosis. Any specific instructions for a particular patient should be agreed with your health care adviser or doctor in charge of the case. We disclaim reliability of this information and mistakes it could contain. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage as a result of any use of the information on this site and also for consequences of self-treatment.

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Order Dapsone Online

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