Dacryagogue, cold, stuffy nose or rash after contact with an animal? The allergy to hair of animals can be the cause!

Allergy reasons

In case of an allergy the immune system reacts to actually harmless substances (allergens). He mistakenly distinguishes allergen as menacing and counteracts the exaggerated defense reaction. The immune system forms antibodies and releases a large number of a histamine. It causes allergic symptoms, such as cold, itch and rash.

In case of an allergy to hair of animals the organism reacts not to hair of an animal, and to the components supporting squirrels in saliva, sweat, skin fat or animal urine.

Main symptoms of an allergy to hair of animals

The allergy to hair of animals usually arises right after contact with them. Symptoms usually develop within several minutes. Generally respiratory tracts and an integument are surprised. Symptoms of an allergy to wool are similar to symptoms of an allergy to pollen (hay fever). Unlike an allergy to pollen which is a seasonal disease the allergy to hair of animals is shown all the year round.

Symptoms are symptoms of an allergy to hair of animals:

1. Sneezing, cold or congestion of a nose without symptoms of cold.
2. The reddened, itching or watering eyes (conjunctivitis).
3. Cough.
4. Rash, reddenings.
5. The century swelled.
6. Pruritic blisters on skin (urticaria).
7. Pimples on skin (because of irritation of skin).
8. Strongly bulked up scratches delivered to animals.
9. Headache.

Disturbances of concentration of attention.

See a doctor at the first symptoms of an allergy to hair of animals! 
In hard cases allergic reaction to hair of animals causes life-threatening allergic shock (acute anaphylaxis) which is followed by such symptoms as nausea, vomiting or a lowering of arterial pressure. At worst it leads to an apnoea and blood circulations.

The patient at whom such symptoms as an asthma, pricking in palms and stupnyakh legs, dizziness or strong perspiration develop has to call the emergency doctor immediately!