Today spread of chronic migraine around the world makes more than 14%

Today spread of chronic migraine around the world makes more than 14%, at the same time much this illness meets at women more often. Migraine aged from 10 till 20 flyings is shown, at the same time the frequency of attacks reaches the maximum value at the age of 30-45, and stops after 55 flyings, but happens so, as patients after 55 flyings remain are subject to migraine attacks.

What is migraine?

Migraine is a form of a headache which is shown by attacks of a throbbing pain, on the one hand, 4-72 hours can proceed and also be followed by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to a sharp sound and light.

Chronic it is possible to consider migraine which is shown more than 8-15 days a month, depending on the nature of its manifestation. Happens so that migraine is characterized by 2 of 4 possible signs stated above. Depending on these signs medicamentous therapy can be appointed by the attending physician.

Symptoms of migraine:

if the headache without treatment and at intake of ineffective drugs lasts less than 4 hours, it means not migraine, but other form of a headache and consultation of the neurologist is required
pain at migraine is characterized by a pulsation and amplifies at a physical tension
at which attack begins with a headache at once call usual migraine, in the presence of such deviations as vision disorders, the speech, the onemeneniye is migraine with aura

Factors which can provoke a migraine attack:

1. irregular meal, rigid deprivation diet, hunger, alcohol intake
2. hormonal imbalance, periods, ovulation, intake of hormonal drugs
3. stress, alarm, depression
4. weather conditions
5. exercise stresses
6. lack of a dream

How diagnostics is carried out?

Diagnostics of migraine in most cases is clinical and is based on the analysis of complaints of the patient and also data of neurologic survey. Perhaps, before the address to the doctor the patient can provide a peculiar diary of a headache and also data on soothing drugs which he took. So the doctor will be able to make more exact clinical picture of health of the patient.

Treatment of migraine:

The main goal of treatment is a minimization of pain during an attack and also prevention of transformation of pains in chronic, stopping of bad attacks and prevention further.
Treatment of an attack allows to reduce intensity of pain, its duration and to minimize the accompanying symptoms if those are available.

Preventive treatment is directed to decrease in frequency of manifestation of attacks and reduction of their weight for simplification of the general condition of the patient.

It is shown if:

1. within a month there were more than 3 attacks or duration of an attack was more than 8 days
2. there are expressed accompanying disturbances – uneasiness, a depression
3. the bad tolerance of the anesthetizing drugs is observed

Prevention when within 3 months duration of attacks decreases by 50% is considered successful